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Origin is one of those digital download platforms that became so popular after the success of Steam. Trying to capitalize on the formula, Origin uses the same mechanics: games are downloaded after payment, their data is stored in a cloud, and various social functions are served via the Origin interface. Saved games are stored separately, achievements are added as usual, sharing your score and accessing the game from a different device - all those functions are present, as expected.

There is really nothing new Origin can offer, yet it still manages to hold its own. First of all, it has great interface. Unlike Steam, Origin's working windows, browsing and settings adjustment is simple, intuitive and graphically beautiful and really easy to do. And you will want to use Origin, because it has a library of games second only to Steam. Many industry giants like Electronic Arts support Origin as their preferable tool for digital distribution, and many AAA-games first appear on Origin as digital exclusives. This makes the platform not only comfortable, but also convenient.

Unfortunately, there are disadvantages to this cute little thing. Unlike Steam, it has no offline mode. So if you want to play a game, you must be online with Origin on. That would be annoying enough in itself, if the running client didn't hinder the games' performance in some cases. Glitches, freezes and errors are a common occurrence in Origin, much more than in its alternatives.

Still, this digital storage and store client is one of the best currently on the market. If you want something almost as good as Steam or need something specifically distributed through it, it's a good enough thing.

James Lynch
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  • Simple interface
  • Great library of games
  • Various social function


  • Less stable than alternatives
  • Games demand it always be on
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