Origin is a digital gaming platform with cloud synchronization
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Origin is a game store and platform that is designed to enable you to buy digital games, download them, and play them on your computer.
The process is straightforward: once you buy a game, it is automatically added to your virtual game library. You can then click on it to download it and install it from anywhere. This is convenient because it means that you can play on another computer easily, without bringing any physical media.

One of the main advantages of this platform is that it saves your game progress on the cloud. When you play on another computer with your account, your saves are synchronized. Even if you uninstall a game and reinstall it later, you will keep your progress because it will be downloaded from the cloud.

While Origin used to be fast and beautiful, an update last year rendered it buggy and laggy. Sometimes your games won't appear in your virtual library until you restart it. Furthermore, it happens that the cloud synchronization fails for no apparent reason. With the successive minor updates, the most critical bugs have been fixed, but the experience is still poor in my opinion.

To put it briefly, Origin is a digital game platform that is sleek and synchronizes your game progress with the cloud. Yet, the recent versions are riddled with bug that ruin the user experience.

John Static
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  • Cloud saving
  • Sleek interface
  • A free game is gifted every few months


  • Some single-player games cannot be played offline
  • Fewer games than its competitors
  • Buggy and laggy
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