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Origin is created to ease the gamers' lives: it provides access to a vast library of games of various genres and accumulates everything a player needs to stay connected to the online community and their friends.

First of all, this is a shop where one can buy the desired game and get the guarantee of quality from the developers as this is a direct EA store. Secondly, it provides full access to the EA community, when you register an account, like discounts and special offers for community members. Lastly, you can choose what you want to try before buying, as trials are also provided through this all-in-one platform.

Origin has several strong sides. Game downloads are fast to finish as they are optimized and do not affect your gaming. The offline mode for single-player games allows you to continue adventures without the Internet at hand. For those who have several personal computers and often move from one to another but want to have all their progress synchronized, Origin supports Cloud saves. All bought and downloaded games are neatly organized in one library for the user's convenience. Aside from everything mentioned above, it provides access to the gamers' community: find friends, chat or message with them, stream your games to the world.

Only two tiny aspects disappoint a bit: the cloud saves work only for the games that support it and Origin organizes only EA games.

Nevertheless, Origin has significant advantages for the fans of EA products and deserves your attention if you are one of them.

Nova Vozrak
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  • Fast game download
  • Offline mode for single-player games
  • Cloud saves in games that support them
  • Game streaming
  • Inbuilt chat
  • Friend list


  • Provides access only to Electronic Arts games
  • Cloud saves work only for the games that support them
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